A deposit of 50% is due upon acceptance of the proposed invoice and before any materials will be ordered or work performed. New clients with projects over $15k must pay initial payment cash, check or zelle Once work is completed, the balance of the invoice is due.

Any amount remaining due after 7 days will be subject to a penalty of 18%, calculated per annum, and will continue to accrue until such time as the remaining balance is paid in full.


Once the work is complete, any request by the customer for any additions, modifications, maintenance or repairs will be subject to an additional cost to be negotiated by customer and Juno Ironcraft and subject to additional deposits to be paid prior to any materials being ordered or any work being performed.
The only exception to this paragraph is a repair, modification or addition needed, as a result of or caused by, a defect in workmanship, which is determined at the sole discretion of Juno Ironcraft.


 Juno Ironcraft does not provide a warranty for any powder coatings applied as they are applied by a third party and not under the control or employ of Juno Ironcraft. 

If there is an apparent defect that appears over time, Juno Ironcraft will assist in attempting to resolve the defect with the third party vendor. 

Should re-powder coating be the only resolution, there will be additional fees for removal and reinstallation to be negotiated by customer and Juno Ironcraft at that time.

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